The list of the Best Russian contemporary artists (49ART-arteex) -  of authors not older than 1960 year of birth , was made by  ARTEEX   based on their creations  evaluation , popularity , commercial activity  (their titles, awards , participations in exhibitions and fairs , auctions , mention in art-ratings , presence of their works in museum collections  and so on  were taken into consideration). 

Some authors were included in the list of Best contemporary artists within the programme   Discovery (based on expert recommendations), which allows to open new talents to the art-society.  

ARTEEX does its best to be objective making the list, but anyway it reflects only subjective position of ARTEEX.

The maximum number of names in the List is – 250 authors (Top-250). Nowadays the list is being supplemented. The list is open. ARTEEX is   considering suggestions of including authors in the list of best contemporary artists.

How to make a list of the Best contemporary artists of Russia here:

Add to the List

The non-profit project 49ART announces the preparation of an update of the list of the Best contemporary Artists of Russia (ARTEEX). The list of the Top 250 authors of Generation X (1961+) and subsequent generations is open. If in the current edition of the list of the Best you did not find the name of the author who objectively deserves to be in the Top 250, make an application (the "Suggest the artist" button) on the project website: